Smart Alternative Power

Smart Sparks understands that renewable power is the future, and that this future is here now. Rising energy demands, climate change and remote locations are just some of the challenging factors facing our clients.

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you with an innovative and practical renewable energy solution.

We help customers:

  • Design alternative power solutions for machinery, lighting and security in remote locations
  • Install solar solutions that work with loading factors on existing roofs
  • Set up wind turbines where power providers could not economically supply grid power

Installation needs are unique for each client. Call us to discuss your options, or read on about some of the alternatives available.

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Wind Turbine

There are several wind turbines classified according to size, construction and function. Very small turbines used to charge batteries or feeding to the grid…

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installation solar


It sounds like a dream, but it’s a cold hard fact. Today your home can be entirely energised by a never-ending supply of solar electricity , or a small system…

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