Solar-boosted heatpumps

Combining the power of the sun with a ducted heatpump to heat your home efficiently. Enjoy all the benefits of a central heating model, with the added efficiency of solar power.

The Trivium ducted heatpump is installed throughout your home, giving you the power to control the temperature in every room. Want your children’s rooms to be set at 23 degrees, but your room to be a little cooler? Not a problem. Using the integrated control panel, you can customise your heating!

The system is built into your roof space or under your floor, meaning no unsightly, bulky units taking up valuable wall space. Everything is discreetly tucked away!


Trivium is designed for the New Zealand environment, and will withstand the harshest conditions.

And the best bit? The solar heater does all the hard work for you, bringing down your energy bill.

Give us a call or send us an email to get more information, here.

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