Supercharged home ventilation

Solar Pro supercharges your home ventilation. Install our self-contained system from whoa to go, or ask us how we can take your existing ventilation system to the next level.

Our systems harness the power of the sun, drying out the air cycled through your home. Instead of using the air in your roof space as-is, Solar Pro takes that air, heats it using panels on your roof, then pumps it back into your home for an improved level of dryness. In Canterbury’s harsh winters, Solar Pro can make a real difference to your comfort.

Improve your home air quality

  • Drier homes using solar panels to maximise returns
  • Distributes warm, dry air throughout your home
  • Reduced home energy costs. Dry air costs less to heat, bringing down your costly power bill
  • Can be retrofitted to your existing ventilation system
  • Kiwi made, designed and developed specifically for the New Zealand climate


How it works

The sun’s energy passes through the specialised polycarbonate extrusion lid and is absorbed by the solar collector inside. Warm air is taken from the roof cavity, and passed both over and under the panel. Heated air is then pushed into your home through a special filter and fan system.

Install our system from scratch and control your home’s ventilation using a fully integrated touch screen. If you are retrofitting to an existing system, you can use the existing control panel.

It couldn’t be simpler! For a technical brochure and more information, give us a call or get in touch via email here.

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