Working at Smart Sparks

Starting over 10 years ago with the vision to provide an innovative service solution to their clients, Smart Sparks has become one of Christchurch’s leading electrical services contractors.

As Smart Sparks Commercial has grown, new innovative services have been added under the Smart Sparks umbrella but represented under their own company brand, namely Residential and Servicing. Smart Sparks has a strong presence across the Electrical & Services industry while further developing our reputable brand.

Smart Sparks is not a corporate but a family focused business, evident from our large number of staff with young families and those with sporting interests.


Employee Spotlight

Garth Reid, Smart Sparks Commercial Apprentice

Garth Profile

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you were doing prior to starting at Smart Sparks.

Before I started at Smart Sparks I was based in Hospitality, I managed bars, nightclubs and restaurants. I then moved into business with family and we ran a few local Christchurch cafes. I decided post quake it was time for a change and looked to retrain in a trade and Smart Sparks answered my call.

 What was your position when you started at Smart Sparks?

I started as an Apprentice Electrician and am currently about halfway through my studies.

 How long have you been at Smart Sparks?

I have been with Smart Sparks for 18 months.

What do you enjoy most about Smart Sparks?

I enjoy working with the team – all the guys we work with are great and make it worth coming in to work every day. There is an awesome team attitude and everyone gets along well. It definitely makes a difference to your job satisfaction if you have a good team dynamic and great management.

 What have been your biggest challenge while working at Smart Sparks?

My biggest challenge since joining Smart Sparks has been getting back into studying again – it has been many years since I last studied at school or tertiary study so it was a big change to have to sit down with pen and calculator etc and get back down to learning.

 What sort of training and development have you received while working at Smart Sparks?

Other than the apprenticeship training that I am receiving I have been given many opportunities to further my training and work experience. With my previous management background and people skills I have helped out in the onsite management team in the running of jobs – streamlining onsite paperwork, liaising with other contractors, running teams, day to day running of jobs etc. I have also been working with the office team in putting together our manuals for completed jobs.

 On the whole I have really enjoyed working at Smart Sparks. The team is great and I look forward to coming into work day to day. I have been well treated by the management team, who have recognised my skills and strengths and put them to use. I feel appreciated in the company and push myself to give 100% to better myself and Smart Sparks.