Life in Christchurch

In September of 2010 and then again in February 2011 the area suffered severe earthquakes which damaged hundreds of buildings in the CBD and thousands of residential houses. Since then the rebuild has been helping change the shape of Christchurch and in only a few short years has seen the restoration of historic buildings as well as the development of new business precincts, commercial hubs and recreational areas.

With the level of activity in the Canterbury Construction sector remaining strong for many years to come, brings with it a high demand for skilled and experienced construction professionals as well as many trades, with many people migrating to the area from other parts of New Zealand as well as migrants from Australia, Philippines, India, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Each bringing into the area not just skills but their own unique culture.

Christchurch, the Gateway to the South Island

Not many places around the world can boast easy access to the outdoors and recreational activities that Christchurch can. Being centrally located in the South Island gives residents and visitors plentiful opportunities to pursue a raft of activities with beaches within ½ hour drive of Christchurch International Airport, while the snow sports, fly fishing and hunting are only an hour and a half drive away.